– “How do your *Requests* work”?

*Requests* are now available for SubscribeStar members, your idea will be part of a monthly poll, but keep the restrictions in mind:

  • Must be 18+ as everything on my website
  • No real Person
  • No furries
  • No Scat
  • No Animations

 You can join in the third SubscribeStar Tier (The Tentacle) and send me your Idea on SubscribeStar. If you want to know if your request works, you can contact me on Newgrounds or Twitter!

Patreon Poll Winner – The Mandalorian: Bo-Katan
Patreon Poll Winner RE2: Claire Redfield II
Patreon Poll Winner : Chel – The Road to El Dorado
Patreon Poll Winner : Aqua
Patreon Poll Winner (2/2) : Sango
Patreon Poll Winner (1/2) : Ranma ½
Patreon Poll: Redrawn:_Miranda
Patreon Poll: RE2: Ada Wong
Patreon Poll: Maya & Amara (futa)
Patreon Poll: Redrawn: Mad Moxxi’s Underdome Riot
Patreon Poll: Redrawn: Morrigan
Patreon Poll: Redrawn: Evil Dead
Pixiv Request Poll – 3/3
Pixiv Request Poll – 2/3
Pixiv Request Poll – 1/3
One Punch Man: Tatsumaki

Justice League

The Iron Giant