Winner of the June 2023 Patreon Poll


Hey there everyone!
I’ve fixed the issues regarding the Patreon TOS
– I’ve deleted all direct links leading to and from Patreon to solve the problem.
– And I’ve removed all Spicy drawings on Patreon that are not following the guidelines.

Patreon is still up as an option to support me, see WIP’s and participate in polls etc. It will also stay exclusive for requests!
What about the Spicy drawings? They’re still on my website and won’t be removed.
I’ve decided upload the high resolution versions on Subscribestar. The only problem is, there is a 10MB Limit, so it will be a high resolution within that limit. (For example 3650 x 3650 instead of the usual 4000 x 4000)

Besides that, nothing will change ~
Take care!
– Qualon