Some thoughts to the comic in general:
This comic was never meant to be more then a fun redrawing of my terrible Heartless comic, back in 2018. Yet it got out of Hand realy fucking quick. I had a vague plan on what to draw next and up until some point, I actualy liked the Idea of bringing some of my own Ideas in to the mix, mostly just as a parody, of the ( In my opinion convoluted and strange) story of Kingdom Hearts.

I’m not a huge fan of KH myself, but I liked many aspects of it, I liked a bunch of characters and despised others. I learned so much since I started this comic in February, I felt often times sorry that it took so damn long but I didn’t want to force myself completeing it. Because my drawings turn out terrible if I force myself to draw. Yet most of this comic turned out to be just that, terrible.

That was a huge problem for me, I lost interest in this comic and had no fun continuing it. What kept me on working on it, was the positive response (also the criticism, which I highly appreciate).
But also the fact, that I just didn’t want to abandoned it. This comic is extremely edgy and I’m fully aware of it. It was meant to be the opposite of the light hearted original story, which people made fun of already, so this was kinda the next step in that direction.

A special thank you to everyone who commented underneath my comic pages, everyone who asked questions and was actually enjoying it. If you have any questions on plot points, the ending or whatever grinds your gears, I will try to answer it here!

Thanks for waiting.