A little update to the design of my mascot ArcHive, I haven’t drawn her in a while and wanted to add her as a Header for the website, while I was at it.
For those searching for a specific Image, just click here:

I Also added a  Button, which will be active soon..


**Small Update to “Heartless Redrawn”**

I don’t know when I will continue it, I made the story as confusing as in Kingdom Hearts on purpose. There are often longer pauses between pages, because it’s not that much fun to draw anymore, it’s more like something that pulls me back to a worse quality of content. It was never meant to be taken seriously, it is a bad parody.

Often enough the problem is that the plot is to convoluted, I can’t explain much of it, because it would spoil the story, which makes everything new even more fucked up.

But I still want to finish it for the people who enjoy it, so don’t worry.